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23September 2020

To the Editor:

Whatever classifications are on a home-schooled trainee’s report card, “works well with others” is probably not one of them.

That’s something for households to think about if a long-range objective is to be admitted to one of the country’s armed services academies. Management capacity is their crucial requirement.

Madison Cawthorn’s experience is a cautionary tale.

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Until he was contacted it, Cawthorn, the Republican politician nominee for Congress in District 11, had citizens think he was bound for the U.S. Naval Academy prior to a vehicle mishap, in which he was a traveler, disabled him.

In reality, the Academy had currently rejected his application. Cawthorn admitted that under oath in 2017 during not successful lawsuits versus the motorist’s insurance provider. His failure to be as candid with voters 3 years later raises a question about his stability.

Cawthorn had no description when the Asheville Watchdog, an on-line news site, very first inquired about it.

But he states now that then-Rep. Mark Meadows, who was sponsoring him for the Academy, informed him that “there must have been something wrong with my nomination and he would deal with it.”

“So I was still awaiting my approval at the time of my mishap.”

Meadows most likely did say that. It’s what many a congressman may do if he wanted to let a disappointed constituent down lightly. However the problem was not most likely the nomination itself. After all, the Academy would hesitate to cross a congressman over some technicality.

However, Meadows understood, or must have understood, that Annapolis is highly selective. Hardly 8 of every 100 applicants were provided admission this year. Home-schooled candidates like Cawthorn have it harder no matter who nominates them, even if their SAT ratings are better than his were.

According to data provided by the Naval Academy’s Public Affairs office, only 12 of the 269 home-schooled students who made an application for the present plebe class of 2023 got letters of acceptance. Three of them were to the Academy’s prep school rather than to Annapolis itself.

That’s an admission rate of 4 percent, less than half the 8.3 percent of candidates who were provided admission in general.

“Although lots of home-schoolers are able to certify academically for admission, many discover their total records relatively weak in the area of extracurricular activities,” the Annapolis web site describes. “This is the part of the application procedure we use to forecast leadership potential.”

The Academy’ Class of 2023 “photo” shows that 92 percent of the brand-new midshipmen were university athletes. 72 percent were captains or co-captains of their teams, 67 percent were student body leaders, 66 percent took part in dramatics, public speaking or disputing, 65 percent were in the National Honor Society, and 48 percent reported church group activities. Those stats certainly overlap.

The website lists different ways for house schoolers to get equivalent experience. Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and local club sports are among them.

“There are no extra requirements for home schoolers,” the Academy explains, however goes on to keep in mind that “it is often more tough to examine non-traditional records.”

The website details fundamental requirements for admission, amongst them “four years of mathematics courses, including a strong foundation in geometry, algebra, and trigonometry.” It includes that “experience in pre-calculus is also really valuable, if it does not interfere with the aforementioned courses.” It goes on to specify “one year of chemistry, with lab if possible, and four years naturally operate in English “with unique attention to the study and practice of reliable writing.”

To “further enhance” the home schooler’s opportunities for admission, the Academy likewise recommends “at least 2 years” of foreign language consisting of “routine use of the spoken language” and an one-year course in physics, “with lab if possible.”

Those are exacting standards however the majority of public schools have the ability to fulfill them due to the fact that their faculties consist of numerous talents. On the other hand, there can’t be lots of house schools where a parent is so flexible.

Considering how few are confessed, it’s no disgrace to be turned down by the Naval Academy. Cawthorn must stop suggesting that it was Meadows’s fault.

Martin Dyckman



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