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2July 2020

The Greene County Grand Jury’s recent conclusion concerning the double deadly shooting Feb 12 outside a home on Grinnell Road– which the county sheriff described at the time as a “shootout”– validated the initial impression of law enforcement at the scene that gray winter early morning: self-defense.

Evidence previously not released publicly was amongst products that led private investigators to believe the deceased, Cheryl Sanders, 59, and her hubby, Robert “Reed” Sanders, 56, had actually driven to Ohio from their house in North Carolina with the intent of eliminating Cheryl Sanders’ ex-husband, Robert “Lindsey” Duncan, and Duncan’s other half, Molly, at the Duncans’ Grinnell Roadway house.

“They had a checklist,” Greene County Prosecutor Stephen K. Haller stated in a phone interview recently.

The district attorney’s case file, offered by his workplace through a public records demand, consists of a hand-written note– which Haller said detectives validated as coming from the Sanderses– discovered in the couple’s car and detailing their objectives.

A piece of lined note pad paper bears the handwritten heading, in all uppercase letters, “Be prepared prior to leaving for Y.S.”

Under that, likewise in all uppercase letters is composed:

— Objective: Trigger discomfort for Lindsey
Primary: Kill him
Secondary: Burn house down
Third: Eliminate him/her

A couple lines down, in a mix of upper and lower case letters, is written:

— A: Have alibi
— B: Cheryl is out of threat/ ability to drive back to Asheville

A numbered, nine-point to-do list follows and includes such details as “Have video camera operational,” “Call AA prior to departure to verify Lindsey area,” “Purchase plane fuel,” “Testosterone injection,” Purchase car/truck prior to leaving for Y.S.,” “Phones are charged from Verizon.”

The conflict

Multiple 911 calls, consisting of a distressed call from Molly Duncan, reported the shooting soon after 11 a.m. Feb. 12. The other calls originated from neighbors who heard the shots or motorists on the road who passed the scene while it unfolded and afterward.

Cedarville Cops systems were first to show up, followed by Miami Township Fire-Rescue medics and Greene County Constable’s deputies. Cheryl Sanders was lying in the Duncans’ driveway, and Reed Sanders was on the ground across the road, by the entrance to the former Camp Greene. Medics were unable to resuscitate the pair, and the coroner was called.

While the precise details of what transpired outside the Duncans’ home changed a little with the paperwork of various retellings, the following circumstance has emerged based on the Duncans’ statements, evidence from the scene and detectives’ findings.

The set pulled into their gated driveway at 3443 Grinnell Road quickly after 11 a.m., having actually gone for coffee and breakfast in downtown Yellow Springs. Detectives later validated the couple’s activities with the relevant downtown proprietors. Molly Duncan was driving and Lindsey was in the passenger’s seat. Lindsey said he got out of the car to look for mail in their mail box, and it is unclear whether he was back inside the lorry, returning in, or still outdoors, when a man using a camouflage mask approached Molly’s side of the cars and truck with a gun.

According to the records of his Feb. 12 interview with sheriff’s deputies, Lindsey stated he owns a gun, but had actually left it in the house earlier, therefore he asked Molly if her weapon remained in the vehicle. Both Duncans have Ohio hide bring authorizations, which they informed private investigators they had actually obtained out of fear that Cheryl Sanders wished to do them harm. They acquired the licenses when they moved about 4 years ago to the location, where Molly has family close by.

With Molly’s gun in hand, Lindsey stated he exchanged fire with the man later on determined as Reed Sanders. Lindsey said his ex-wife then brought up in a car, went out and likewise threatened them with a weapon before being shot by Duncan.

The Greene County coroner stated in February that the obvious cause of death for the Sanderses was multiple gunshot injuries. Investigators reported discovering three weapons at the scene and numerous shell casings. The Duncans were not physically harmed in the altercation.

The investigation

The nearly four-month investigation– slowed significantly by the COVID-19 pandemic– ended with the presentation of the case to the grand jury on June 17.

Simply a day after the shooting, nevertheless, Greene County Constable Gene Fischer had actually currently told reporters that advance preparation was recommended by the reality that the Sanderses were driving a cars and truck with fake temporary Ohio plates, and Reed Sanders was bring multiple forms of recognition. Sheriff’s deputies also discovered two small cams mounted on a post across from the Grinnell Roadway home with a live stream of the home going to a cell phone found in the Sanderses’ automobile.

In the course of the questions, private investigators took a trip to North Carolina, where the couple most recently lived, and to Texas, where both couples had longterm ties.

Lindsey Duncan is initially from Austin, and it was there that he began a career marketing health and dietary supplements. The previous head of Genesis Pure and after that Genesis Today, he promoted his business’s products on such national television programs as “Dr. Oz” and “The View.” He left the company after settling a 2015 fit with the Federal Trade Commission in which he agreed to pay $9 million after being accused of “deceptively” touting “the supposed weight-loss benefits of green coffee bean extract.”

His ex-wife was at one time associated with the business as well, and she later continued in partnership with Reed Sanders in promoting different fitness and health products. She likewise was a former movie stunt female with credits in more than 70 movies.

Recorded acrimony in between Cheryl Sanders and Lindsey Duncan includes a fit filed by Duncan in 2016 looking for between $200,000 and $1 million from Cheryl and Reed Sanders and accusing Cheryl of breach of contract.

Private investigators also validated Lindsey Duncan’s claim that his ex-wife investigated about working with a hitman to kill him about five years earlier.

Likewise in contention, according to Greene County District Attorney Haller, were $400,000 trust funds for each of the previous partners’ two college-age children. Lindsey Duncan has sole legal control of the funds, Haller said.

“If he was gone, then Cheryl would have the ability to control those trusts,” the prosecutor stated.

There was also at one time a life insurance coverage policy from the duration they interacted in Genesis Today that named Cheryl as a recipient. The district attorney said investigators discovered that it was no longer in effect, however Lindsey, and possibly Cheryl, had actually thought it was still binding.

All these factors led District attorney Haller to conclude that Cheryl and Reed Sanders were encouraged by “greed and hatred” in seeking to kill the Duncans.

Going to the Grand Jury

Although detectives discovered proof to support understandable homicide, Haller said he selected to take the case to the grand jury in big part since of the gravity of the situation.

“2 people were killed,” he stated. “We take that extremely seriously. It should have a review by the grand jury.”

The autopsy found that Reed Sanders was shot five times, with one bullet in his back and another in his butts; and Cheryl Sanders was shot 4 times.

In a statement to thepress 2 days after the shooting, Lindsey Duncan stated he ‘d acted “on pure impulse.”

Haller stated that going to the grand jury offered the Duncans “the chance to inform their story [to the jurors], and it provided the grand jury the chance to inquire concerns.”

While the prosecutor’s office had a pretty solid sense that Lindsey Duncan had acted in self-defense, Haller stated he understood some sentiments in the public suggesting that the Duncans’ stories didn’t accumulate, that the shooting was a set-up of some kind.

Letting the grand jury make the decision about culpability assists “put this to rest at last,” he included.

“As I see it, this is a traditional, traditional self-defense case.”

Ohio’s self-defense legislation, passed in 2008, offers individuals the right to lethal action in self defense when faced at their house or in their car. The same legislation also moved the burden of proof from an offender to the prosecution, Haller noted.

“I have to show beyond a sensible doubt that it’s not self-defense,” he stated.

As far as the district attorney is concerned, “this case is closed.”

Source: ysnews.com

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