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23June 2020

By Tom Fiedler,

AVL Guard dog When then-Congressman Mark Meadows stunned his constituents last winter season with plans to desert his seat to end up being White Home chief of personnel, he was currently privately helping family friend Lynda Bennett of Maggie Valley in getting a running start to prosper him.

In the predawn of Dec. 19, before many folks in Western North Carolina had rubbed sleep from their eyes or discovered of Meadows’ overnight statement, Bennett provided a press release revealing her candidacy and boasting of recommendations from Meadows and his patriots in the Asheville Tea Party. She went live with a project site that the Smoky Mountain News later on discovered to have been 2 months in the making with the support of Meadows’ sibling.

But if she meant this political equivalent of a shock-and-awe relocation just hours before the filing due date to dissuade potential rivals, it fizzled. Certainly, numerous campaign observers state it might well have actually backfired and hobbled a campaign that appears to be falling far except its plan to install Bennett as chosen inheritor of Meadow’s seat.

Lynda Bennett
Maggie Valley businesswoman Lynda Bennett’s hopes to inherit the congressional seat held by Mark Meadows might be threatened by the upstart newbie Madison Cawthorn. Photo courtesy of AVL Guard dog As the race for the GOP nomination

heads to the June 23 climax, Bennett appears by lots of indicators to be locked in a desperate race versus 24-year-old political neophyte Madison Cawthorn of Hendersonville. What traditional thinking presumed would be a slam-dunk win for the GOP, the race for North Carolina’s congressional District 11, that includes Asheville and Buncombe County, is unexpectedly drawing nationwide interest and straight-out Democratic Celebration glee. A triumph by Cawthorn, a political unknown up until weeks ago, will be seen as a humiliating defeat for

Bennett, a longtime GOP functionary. That humiliation will be shared by Meadows and such other firebrand conservatives as Congressman Jim Jordan of Ohio and Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, who have backed and contributed economically to her. But most noteworthy of all, embarrassment might fall on the shoulders of Meadows ‘brand-new boss, President Donald Trump.

The president endorsed Bennett in a tweet well ahead of next week’s party election, stating :”@LyndaBennettNC has my

Total & Overall recommendation.”The tweet has actually become the crowning piece of her project messaging, echoed by her declarations of unceasing &fealty to the president. Yet it hasn’t slowed Cawthorn’s unexpected momentum.”President Trump has been batting near to 1.000 on his previous candidate recommendations, but I believe he’s

going to strike out on this one,”stated veteran Republican state Senator Jim

Davis, a previous Franklin County Commissioner. Included Chris Cooper, a Western Carolina University political researcher and appreciated expert of regional projects, “The Trump recommendation hasn’t offered her the bump she believed she ‘d have.”Anticipating the result of any election

is fool ‘s work, and specifically so throughout this uncommon time and in a celebration race with an expected low turnout. Dependable independent surveys are non-existent. Yet numerous political experts together with Cooper

and Davis believe they see signs that Bennett’s candidateship remains in risk in spite of her Meadows’ -assisted running start, establishment GOP recommendations and fundraising that has actually enabled her to flood regional airwaves with ads. Bennett, a real-estate representative and property manager, didn’t respond to various ask for comment for this story, a position she has kept with a lot of independent news organizations throughout the project. She has also refused all invites to discuss Cawthorn, which

prompted him to show up at a number of forums with an empty chair labeled with her name. In his very first effort at elective office, Hendersonville financier Madison Cawthorn forced the GOP District 11 nomination into an overflow and has actually drawn strong regional support. Photo courtesy of AVL Watchdog

I believe she’s surprised she has a race with someone who barely satisfies the Constitution’s age requirement to hold the office,” stated Cooper, who publishes regular updates on the project on social networks. “Madison Cawthorn is a better candidate than anybody believed he would be and Bennett is running scared.”

Bennett’s campaign technique exposed flaws from the outset despite Meadows’ help– and some state since of Meadows’ assistance. He had easily won election to the District 11 seat 4 times with some of the biggest margins in the state. In Congress, he became known as a conservative GOP leader and considering that 2016 a zealous champion of President Trump.

When reports flowed last fall that Meadows was considering stepping down to take a position in the White House, he assured prospective contenders that he would remain neutral in any subsequent party main.

But his back-stage orchestration of Bennett’s campaign present on Dec. 19 belied that promise to lasting consequence.

He promised me that he wasn’t going to back any person and yet he did,” said Davis, now in his 4th term in the state senate and a prospect for the congressional seat. “That reveals that he has betrayed his fans in the district.”

By revealing his decision to quit his seat just 30 hours prior to the filing deadline for the 2020 federal elections, Meadows’ obvious technique was to stymie likely oppositions to Bennett, a buddy to Meadows and his other half Debbie. However, 11 other prospects rushed in time to fulfill the noon deadline and sign up with the GOP race.

The result of the main election in March foretold of problems for Bennett and delivered a surprise challenger in Cawthorn. Bennett emerged at the top of the pack with about 22% of the vote, but it was far short of the 30% essential to prevent an overflow.

Cawthorn came apparently from no place to complete close behind her with 20 percent. The political newbie from Hendersonville notes his professions as real-estate investor and inspirational speaker, though his financial disclosure filings with the Federal Elections Commission show no earnings from either. Rather, he mostly reveals revenues from stock-market investments earned from a multimillion dollar insurance coverage settlement he received as the result of a car crash when he was 17 that has left him a paraplegic.

Cawthorn was homeschooled and has no college degree or other professional experience. However his abilities as an advocate won him a following and he was shown politically skilled by getting the recommendations of most of the other unsuccessful GOP prospects. Bennett declares none of her previous competitors.

He’s a terrific speaker,” said state Sen. Davis, who completed behind Cawthorn in the primary. “He’s charismatic. Good-looking. And many people admire the reality that he’s gotten rid of an awful tragedy and is moving forward. He’s an inspiration.”

While Bennett promotes her endorsements from Trump and such Washington, DC-based Republican icons as Jordan and Cruz, Cawthorn counters with the recommendations of some 40 county commissioners in the 17-county district and the majority of the Republican constables.

Although he too claims unqualified assistance for Trump, he dismisses Bennett’s line-up of recommendations as weak point rather than strength due to the fact that it indicates that, if chosen, she’ll take her hints from the party establishment, not constituents. In an interview, he also mocked her refusal to satisfy him in prospect disputes.

If she isn’t willing to dispute me,” he said, “what does that say about her when she needs to face AOC,” label of Democratic Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a preferred foil of conservatives.

Davis said Bennett’s refusal to dispute Cawthorn is “not reassuring” to prospective Republican voters. “It shows your flaws, that you’re not positive and that possibly you mishandle.”

Bennett’s project aides protect her rejection to discuss Cawthorn asserting that by airing their differences they would provide fodder for the Democratic candidate in the basic election, retired Air Force Colonel Morris (Moe) Davis of Asheville, an attorney and former war-crimes district attorney at the U.S. prison for thought terrorists at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

But this argument is belied by a no-holds-barred, greatly funded attack on Cawthorn being waged on Bennett’s behalf through severe television advertisements moneyed by the Home Liberty Action Fund, an arm of the arch-conservative Home Liberty Caucus formerly headed by Meadows and now by Jordan.

One ad, which runs nighttime on Asheville’s WLOS (Channel 13), represents Cawthorn as a pointless party boy with no expert qualifications and is shown by pictures of him apparently raised from social-media posts.

Roll Call, the newspaper that focuses on Congress, reported recently that your house Liberty Caucus’s political committees have spent $657,000 to benefit Bennett. Her project has paid WLOS an additional $102,610 for daily ads portraying her as a successful businesswoman and Trump follower with establishment backing.

By contrast, Cawthorn’s campaign has actually spent simply $15,500 for ads on that station, approximately enough for one ad per day over the length of the run-off project. The majority of his costs is concentrated on social networks platforms and on hosting a range of occasions tailored to abide by the pandemic’s constraints.

But he, too, is recently getting indirect support from a political-action committee targeting Bennett with discredited attacks stating she was a “Never Trumper” before the 2016 election. It uses an audio recording in which she handles the function of a Republican politician who states she can “never” choose then-candidate Trump.

Bennett calls this “phony news” and mentions on her website that the recording was edited to omit parts exposing that she was buffooning Republicans who call themselves “Never Trumpers,” not concurring with them.

Cooper, the political-science teacher, stated the lone fact that Bennett’s allies feel the requirement to introduce such ruthless attacks versus Cawthorn recommends a level of desperation that can be explained just if Bennett deals with an alarming threat to her election.

Seldom in a party main does a comfy frontrunner turn versus a competitor due to the fact that it develops long lasting intra-party departments and diminishes resources that may be required for the basic election.

Graeme McGufficke, project manager for Democratic candidate Davis, agrees that these strategies are indications of problem for Bennett’s opportunities.

If you don’t have to invest cash [in a main], then you should not,” he stated. “Specifically at this phase in their race when they may have another four months ahead of them.”

Another sign of prospective difficulty for Bennett are the varieties of early-voting ballots that have actually currently been cast from counties thought about beneficial to Cawthorn, and especially Henderson, his home county, and neighboring Buncombe. These counties together consist of 41% of the registered GOP vote.

Cooper keeps a daily count of these ballots on his social-media platforms and thinks they offer insight into the relative strengths of the candidates’ rival get-out-the-vote operations, which can likewise be precursors of turnout for Tuesday’s in-person ballot.

If his theory is right, Cooper informed AVL Guard dog in an interview, Cawthorn is placed to disturb Bennett and record the election. As one example, the early ballots already cast in Cawthorn’s home county of Henderson reached 29% of the total cast in the very first main– more than triple the portion of early-balloting at the very same point in the March primary. In Buncombe, the existing overalls approach 40% of that election.

However the early balloting in Bennett’s base, Haywood County, was simply 8% of the March total by the end of the last week.

Cooper stated he would not discount the Bennett project’s ability to get rid of any early-voting sluggishness with a strong primary-election day turnout, especially if the Trump endorsement takes hold.

On something, nevertheless, there can be little conflict: “This hasn’t been the race that Lynda Bennett saw coming.” is an independent, non-profit news service. Tom Fiedler is a Pulitzer-Prize winning reporter, previous managing editor of The Miami Herald, and a previous Boston University dean and professor. He lives in Asheville. Mark Barrett, a veteran freelance journalist, contributed to this report.


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