Gov. Cooper’s Stage 3 is very little cause for celebration – The Robesonian

6October 2020

We have to do with five days into a modified Phase 3 of Gov. Roy Cooper’s prepare for reopening the state’s economy, which has remained in lockdown considering that March since of COVID-19.

And if anything deserves a half-hearted “Hooray!” from the people of Robeson County it’s Phase 3. Let’s face it, if you browse with open eyes and an unbiased mind it’s most likely you will not see any obvious modifications from what was taking place before the Sept. 30 pronouncement.

Cooper might have made some people feel much better, and that counts for something. However local government and organization seem less than satisfied. They nearly generally called it bit more than “an action in the best direction.”

Given movie theaters can enable clients into theaters at 30% capacity or 100 visitors per screen, whichever is less. But the number of movie theaters exist in Robeson County, and will owners believe the patronage limitation makes opening up financially possible?

Another Stage 3 biggy is outside amusement parks can run at 30% capability, however should comply with the state’s mass event limitations, which remains at 25 individuals inside your home and 50 individuals outdoors. Once again, the number of individuals are going to rush to the closest amusement park understanding that just 50 people at a time will be allowed in?

Then there is the outdoor sporting occasions provision. Places with more than 10,000 seats can operate at 7% capacity, while those with 10,000 or fewer seats can open to 100 individuals or operate at 30% capacity, whichever is less. Once again, will the limitations convince UNCP to allow fans at football video games and run the risk of more COVID infection, while understanding the financial gains may be minimal? The benefit versus threat concern is even greater for high schools.

As has actually been stated, Stage 3 is “an action in the right instructions.”

However will one step forward lead to 2 steps back? The COVID-19 case numbers in Robeson County and the rest of the state have been enhancing over the previous few weeks. However during the same press conference at which Cooper announced Stage 3, state Department of Health and Human Providers Director Mandy Cohen played a big “but” card. She warned the state’s progress in handling COVID-19 is “vulnerable.”

Translation: At the very first indication the state is experiencing a revival of positive cases, she and the guv will lock down the state once again. The couple of newfound flexibilities approved by Cooper, who took them away to safeguard us from the virus, will be rescinded, and we’re back to the dark days of spring.

Keep in mind, the influenza season is upon us, and it is not beyond the world of possibility that some influenza cases will be counted as COVID cases, hence contributing to a brand-new rise.

Likewise keep in mind that governmental companies and politicians throughout the nation were provided unprecedented brand-new power to fight the health scourge that is COVID-19. And power is addictive. And while the following is no specific indictment of anybody presently serving, company leaders and politicians are human, subject to the exact same impulses and frailties that plague us all. These leaders and politicians might choose they require to keep their near-dictatorial powers so they can protect us from such public health hazards as environment modification, or racism.

Let’s hope that nightmare doesn’t become a reality. Up until then, delight in the new, minimal freedoms.Source:

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