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11July 2020

The Executive Committee of the Guilford County Democratic Party recently passed a resolution requiring defunding the Greensboro Cops Department.

According to the Democratic Party newsletter, the resolution was done in conjunction with Greensboro Rising.

The resolution states, “Minimize moneying to the authorities, so they can not purchase militarized weapons to hurt us and reroute moneying to Crisis Intervention and Entertainment Centers.”

Under that heading the resolution states:

“a. Purchase mental health workers to develop an in-house, adequately moneyed 311 number to offer citizens an option in crisis circumstances to calling the cops. Citizens must have the ability to gain access to trained crisis workers– psychological health suppliers and social employees to de-escalate and deal with a scenario.”

“b. Buy more funding for organizations that act as options to the police for interventions in psychological health, unwanted sexual advances, and domestic violence circumstances.

“c. Purchase city entertainment centers, to produce safe, enjoyable and well funded areas and full-staffed programs for our youth.

“d. Fund these programs with money that is usually invested in weapons, new cars and trucks, new policing gadgets, ATVS, segways, trainings that inform policemans to assault the public and promote the ‘Warrior Mentality,’ teargas, and rubber bullets. Fund these programs with cash invested establishing check-points to shake down vulnerable individuals with ended plates and insurance, and money invested “preemptively” profiling Black individuals.”

The resolution also requires restricting using chemical agents, sound cannons “and bullets-rubber or otherwise on groups of civilians.”

It also requires ending arrests for marijuana ownership and for an ordinance that “Defines and limits the kinds of force and/or weapons that can be utilized to react to specific situations.”

The resolution particularly handles the death of Marcus Deon Smith and requires the city to openly say sorry and compensate the family of Smith for his death. It likewise mentions, “Fire the officers and their supervisors who helped cover up the murder for their wrongdoing, demand that the county fire the paramedics involved” and likewise calls for developing a memorial to honor the life of Smith and other victims of authorities violence in Greensboro.

The full resolution can be discovered here: Resolution Source:

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