Letter: ‘COVID Authorities’ don’t truly care about neighborhood – Mountain Xpress

28July 2020

Wow! The “COVID Authorities” are out in force, writing their letters proselytizing about wearing masks and social distancing. The whining and hand-wringing is just laughable. You are all touting from the same script: Do it for the children, do it for the senior, and more so, do it for the neighborhood. It’s the last one that I find the most hypocritical.

Let’s begin with the stay-at-home order a couple of months earlier. Did you remain at home, according to the order? No! You headed out and filled up on “necessary products,” like home improvement materials and many bags of mulch and soil for your gardens. You weren’t staying at home. You were out getting “basics.” I’m still attempting to understand how gardening items are considered essential. Mulch is definitely going to stop the COVID as you go out and get it. Your attitude of privilege during this time was dreadful.

This brings me to the next thing on my list. You all say “do it for the community.” What a lot of useless hypocrites! Where are you when the neighborhood is struggling with low incomes, unaffordable real estate, blowing up real estate tax since of gentrification, out-of-control healthcare expenses (even with insurance), and so on. Undoubtedly, as long as it doesn’t impact you, “Screw the neighborhood,” is what it sounds like to me.

Until COVID occurred, you were all happy in the cocoons of your little world of perceived safety and entitled comfort. What about all individuals of the neighborhood who serve you? Now, suddenly, you care about the community? What are you doing for those out of work due to the fact that of the COVID? Where is the outrage about the businesses and livelihoods lost? Again, I ask, why is the “neighborhood” all of a sudden important?

That answer is easy. It’s because now you are threatened and frightened. Pitiful. You’re not in Kansas anymore, Dorothy; it’s every male for himself. It always has actually been. You could not care less about the neighborhood, simply your own little dream world.

— Mike Rapier

Source: mountainx.com

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