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10July 2020

I have a concept, and fans of the NFL, those of us who

remain, have already thought of it. If the NFL plays games this fall, and it requires to for my sanity as well as the nation’s, let’s not play any anthem in advance of the kickoff, not the “Star Spangled Banner,” nor what is now being referred to as the black nationwide anthem– “Lift Every Voice and Sing.” As of now, the plan is to play both, at least in Week 1, which will be seen for what it is, another mindless capitulation that divides, not unifies.

Avoiding any anthem would make the highest variety of individuals happy or mad, which would a minimum of be unifying, not divisive.

This nation explored for a very long time with “separate however equal,” and it didn’t work so well with water fountains, theater seating, bathrooms or schools. Unsure why we would wish to try that once again simply to kick off a football game.

The 5 minutes conserved could be put to better use. Perhaps grabbing a beer or a soda, a hot dog or a pretzel. A fast journey to the males’s or women’ space, or the one for those uncertain. Or a call to the bookie to see if the line has actually moved in a more beneficial instructions.

I’m uncertain how the tradition of singing the “Star Spangled Banner” before sporting occasions was developed, but it began in a various America than the one that exists today. For whatever, there is a season.

The nationwide anthem prior to NFL video games became political as soon as Colin Kaepernick took a knee in 2016 and a year later on others, agitated by President Trump, followed. We don’t need yet one more thing dividing this nation– and you can be sure of this, when “Lift Every Voice and Sing” rings loudly, there will be those who will take a knee. It will not matter if one does, or a lots do. It will be the headline that day, and for days to come, driving much deeper the wedge.

We have all sang Francis Scott Key’s observations from Sept. 14, 1814, as the 35-year-old lawyer watched British ships pummel Fort McHenry in Baltimore throughout the War of 1812 that would be much better called the War of 1812 through 1815– essentially a second transformation versus the British that made us 2 and oh. Secret was influenced by the sight of Old Splendor, then with 15 stars and stripes, flying above the fort throughout the bombardment. The anthem became a national treasure, one that honors this nation’s flexibility, and one that few can properly recite when called upon to do it alone.

Less familiar, a minimum of to us white folks, is “Lift Every Voice and Sing,” a sparkling hymn. It was composed in 1900 by James Weldon Johnson, who would later on lead the NAACP. His bro, J. Rosamond Johnson, put music to it in 1905, and it was very first carried out publicly in 1919 as part of a celebration of the birthday of Abraham Lincoln, the president whose pronouncement released the servants, prompting a call for a Juneteenth legal holiday. That comes at a time some– paradoxically– desire statues of our 16th and greatest president eliminated. What these individuals really need is a history lesson.

I recommend you Google “Lift Every Voice and Sing,” which puts words to the pursuit of an evasive liberty– not its attainment.

“We have actually come by a manner in which with tears has been watered,

We have actually come, treading our course through the blood of the slaughtered,

Out of the dismal past,

‘Til now we stand at last,

Where the white gleam of our intense star is cast.”

There is nothing empty about the struggle for equality in this nation, but playing two anthems prior to a sporting occasion doesn’t move the needle in a favorable direction. Rather, it is simply one more thing for us to quarrel about.

I know there are those who plan to boycott the NFL, arguing that they don’t want to support these ruined and entitled athletes, most of whom are black. That neglects a lot, consisting of that the gamers are simply capitalizing what the free market provides, there are fewer than 2,000 gamers in NFL and it was a lot of sweat and pain that got them there, careers are short and the injury danger high, and lots of use their popularity and fortune for the betterment of their communities.

I watch football video games due to the fact that I delight in the competitors, and I admire the capabilities that the players give the arena. I don’t require to concur with them politically.

Each day we hear again of another sports event being cancelled, such as the Ryder Cup, or postponed or modified, such as college football. I think that the worth of the reprieve that sports provides has actually been apparent throughout nowadays of COVID-19, and their incremental return will do a lot to recover this nation.

If the NFL plays games, I will be seeing. If I have to withstand the playing of two anthems, then I will. But I choose not to.Source: robesonian.com

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