Reparations for slavery: Is Asheville a nationwide model? – ABC News

30July 2020

ASHEVILLE, N.C.– More than 150 years after emancipation, the city council in Asheville, North Carolina, voted this month to get rid of a Confederate monolith set up on the site of local servant auctions and pay monetary restitution to African American citizens.

The deeply symbolic steps have the city on edge and the country wondering what’s next.

As racial justice protests roil cities coast to coast, Asheville has become a focal point in the long-running debate over who should have compensation for years of slave labor; just how much should be paid and by whom; and who must decide.”The lesson I would hope other city governments take is, ‘you can do this.’ It’s not practically writing a check,” said Councilwoman Julie Mayfield in an interview with ABC News Live.

The Asheville, N.C., city board voted to shroud and eliminate a granite obelisk monument to former governor, Confederate leader and servant owner Zebulon Vance.

The site has actually ended up being an event point for racial justice protests. The Asheville, N.C., city board voted to shroud and get rid of a granite obelisk monument to previous guv, Confederate leader and slave

owner Zebulon Vance. The website has actually ended up being an event point for racial justice protests. ABC News Asheville’s city council voted unanimously to officially apologize for slavery and guarantee brand-new financial investments in black homeownership and organisation chance. It’s the first community government in the south and only the second in the country to enact financial reparations.”It’s a big action given where we

‘re at,”said Rob Thomas, a 33-year-old Asheville native who leads the city’s Racial Justice Coalition.” We remain in the South. We’re in the Bible Belt. Our state is a conservative Republican state and they usually go against what it is we’re asking for.”Asheville’s strategy doesn’t make any direct payments to regional

black households and leaves it to a freshly established commission to decide the quantity of city funds and where they will be invested. Mayfield states it will all be done without raising taxes. Prior to the Civil War, 283 white citizens around Asheville owned more than 1,900 slaves, according to public records. Today the city of 90,000 is 12%Black and a quarter of those families

reside in hardship.” What we have committed to do in this resolution is buy and develop systems and programs and structures that will permit those community members to have the very same chances for financial mobility, to construct generational wealth that white people have,” Mayfield stated.

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