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3September 2020

The North Fork Reservoir in Black Mountain.

Today’s batch of burning questions, my smart-aleck responses and the genuine deal: Question: Driving along the Blue Ridge Parkway we have actually seen water levels at a city of Asheville reservoir appear down. There is a healthy brown band around the lake. Offered the endless rain we’re getting, I would have believed the lake would be more than complete. Are they launching additional water to avoid future flooding, or is there another description for the seeming contradiction?

My response: I wish to keep in mind that this might the very first time I’ve ever heard the expression “healthy brown band.” If ever there were an oxymoron, that’s got to be it.

Real response: The city of Asheville’s water production/water quality manager, Leslie Carreiro, took this one on.

The dam at Asheville's North Fork Reservoir outside Black Mountain is shown in this file photo.

“This reader may be referencing the Burnette Tank at the North Fork Dam,”Carreiro stated. “The tank was drawn down as a part of the North Fork Dam Enhancement Job.” More: Response Man: Truck crashed through watershed structure? Biltmore’s Downton Abbey display? The project is near completion, after more than

2 years of work.”This will provide to our neighborhood a safer dam with more capability to hold water from the reservoir and one that is much better enforced against potential seismic activity,” Carreiro stated. “The job is scheduled to be completely functional since October 2020.”

That’s great to understand, specifically because of a recent 5.1-magnitude earthquake centered near Sparta, North Carolina, that many of us here felt. North Fork also saw major damage to a big pipe leading from the reservoir to Asheville throughout heavy flooding in 2004. The city has a public information presentation about this latest job, which you can discover here:  More: Answer Man: Does Asheville’s water taste bad? What’s in it? It keeps in mind the”North Fork Reservoir and Water Treatment Plant serve as the city’s primary drinking water source, supplying 70%of Asheville’s water. With many people, services, and industries dependent upon this vital natural resource,

The spillway at the North Fork Reservoir in Black Mountain.

proactive procedures were required to ensure our water source and facilities remain secured. “The work consisted of raising the dam by 4 feet, restoring the primary spillway and adding an auxiliary spillway, installing brand-new electrical instrumentation, making adjustments to the raw water piping and executing embankment stability berms.< aside aria-label ="advertisement"

class=”gnt_m gnt_x gnt_x __ lbl gnt_x __ al “> Question: Who is Carolina Mountain Emergency Medicine, how are they connected to Mission Hospital and why are their services not repaid by Medicare? Shortly before Christmas, my wife suffered a fall. We went to the Mission Emergency Clinic where she was X-rayed, sutured, given a tetanus shot and launched. At admission

my wife offered both her Medicare and Medicare Supplement information. When we received an “Description of Benefits,”several services had actually been covered but those of”CMEM MD “were not. We wondered who this” MD”was up until we received a bill from Carolina Mountain Emergency situation Medication, variously headquartered in Charlotte and Indianapolis. It ominously noted,”We have actually submitted your insurance. You are now accountable for the balance of this account. “Any enlightenment you can supply would be welcomed, possibly by others as well … My response: Is anything in life more happy than handling medical billing? I’m pretty sure there’s an entire wing in hell committed to sending out these out. Real answer: I’m not going to be overwhelmingly informing on this one, so I invite input from

other readers or patients that might have found a way to fix this problem. Objective Healthcare facility spokesperson Nancy Lindell had the ability to provide some information

.”Carolina Mountain Emergency Medicine was the contracted physician group offering services at Mission Medical facility prior to the arrangement with HCA Healthcare,” Lindell stated, referring to the sale of Mission Health to HCA.”Contracting with a supplier group is very common at most healthcare facilities throughout the nation, as extremely seldom are ER doctors employed directly by the health center.” More: Answer Male: COVID-19 average cost per patient? Objective has a different ER service provider now.” Under HCA Healthcare, TeamHealth now provides doctors to all of the Objective Health Emergency Departments, and TeamHealth is in network with Medicare,”Lindell said. Online, belongs to file problems against a company

, as does the North Carolina Medical Board, at Again, if other readers have better options or ideas, please let me understand. This is the opinion of John Boyle. To send a concern, contact him at 232-5847 or!.?.!Source: citizen-times. com

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