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15September 2020

President Donald Trump is 74, Joe Biden 77, prompting a reader to ask what happens if one of them dies before the election, or Inauguration Day on Jan. 20.

Before I get to today’s Answer Male concerns, my smart-aleck action and the genuine deal, let me regale you with a beautiful tale about taking off milk and rats. And yes, both took off. Apparently, one of the sly little rodents with a dreadful death desire penetrated the blower in our Toyota Highlander a number of weeks back. My other half was driving on Hendersonville Road and heard a terrible”thunk,” followed by even worse shredding sounds.

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You guessed it: The hapless varmint fulfilled an unfortunate death in the lorry’s ventilation blower– and triggered $3,152 worth of damage to the car. Mercifully, insurance coverage covered the majority of it, which was a huge relief.

Such an occasion develops some undesirable smells in a blower, nevertheless, and this cars and truck has been cursed with olfactory ordeals. Earlier this summer season, my better half left a gallon of milk in the very same automobile (although she blames our son, who was assisting bring in the groceries), and after about a week of summertime heat, it blew up.

Actually. It exploded all over the back of the cars and truck. One may think took off milk would smell like, well, sour milk, however the vehicle actually took on a nostril-melting rotten fish odor that made it almost undrivable.

After weeks of taking the car’s interior apart and treating it with almost every cleaner and deodorizer understood to guy, we had nearly conquered the stink.

Then the rat came along. Who understands, maybe he was drawn to the residues of the smell?

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We don’t have a rat issue in the house, and we drive the cars and truck about every day, so we’re not sure where the critter came from. At any rate, the garage stated they see a lot of rodents’ nests in vehicles, particularly around blowers and heating systems, so … I do not actually understand what advice to use here.

Don’t leave food, particularly cheese, in your automobiles? And perhaps put a rat trap by your blower? No, that looks like terrible recommendations.

I do not know … how about, “BEWARE! RATS ARE TRYING TO CONSUME YOUR CAR!”

You understand, since it’s 2020!

Now, to the concerns.

Concern: What would take place if Biden or Trump croaked prior to the election? Or, what would occur after the election if the winner croaks before being sworn in?

My answer: Sure, this concern may sound a touch callous, however when you think about these candidates have 151 years of living between them, it starts making a fair quantity of sense.

Genuine answer: I went to Western Carolina University political researcher Chris Cooper for this one, and he delivered an answer about as untidy as a shredded rat in your automobile’s blower.

Prior to we get to him, let’s note that Biden is 77 and Trump 74, and both guys are supposedly in good health. Now, to Chris Cooper.

“This is a brief, simple, and good question, with a long, complicated, and questionable answer that makes me wish I studied ‘truly honkin’ hornets’ or diabetic bats,” Cooper said, describing a recent Response Man columns about these topics. “What takes place in this circumstance depends upon the timing of when the presidential candidate mixes off this mortal coil and how Congress interprets their obligation.”

President Donald Trump is 74, Joe Biden 77, and both men are reportedly in good health.

Bear in mind that our unique Electoral College in fact elects the president. Likewise, a term that might come into play in all this is “constitutional crisis,” but we’ll get to that

in a minute. Cooper broke it down into several scenarios.

“If the presidential candidate passes away after the Congress has actually counted the Electoral College votes however before the president is sworn in, the vice presidential prospect becomes president,” Cooper said. “OK, that one wasn’t so tough.”

Let’s relocate to scenario 2:

“If the candidate dies in between the time the electors cast their votes, however prior to Congress counts them, the House of Representatives most likely deserves to vote for whoever they want (each state would get one vote),” Cooper said.

And situation three:

“If the candidate dies after the election, but prior to the Electoral College officially casts their votes … well … the very best bet is a whole lot of lawsuits,” Cooper stated. “The second-best bet is that the Electoral College (which is comprised of party followers) would select a candidate (I would think the vice-presidential candidate, but there’s absolutely nothing that guarantees that) and cast their votes for that individual.”

… And let’s not forget circumstance number four:

“Finally (you have actually never been so grateful to read that word, I’m sure), if the prospect passes away after the celebration conventions, but before the election, each celebration’s respective nationwide committees would select a brand-new candidate,” Cooper said.

Cooper boiled these circumstances down to their essentials, but any of us who endured the 2000 election, in which George W. Bush and Al Gore entered into overtime, with the U.S. Supreme Court ultimately choosing the election, knows it’s not that basic.

“None of these scenarios are uncomplicated and all would introduce substantial questions and litigation– I would anticipate that the expression ‘Constitutional crisis’ would be bandied about so much that we would recall fondly on the days when hanging chads were all we had to stress over,” Cooper said.

He referred to the Florida ballot debacle in 2000 that in part featured paper tallies where bits of paper (the chads) were not entirely cut out, i.e. “hanging.”

Cooper covered this up with a plea I believe we all can support.

“For now, let’s just hope both Joe Biden and Donald Trump are avoiding fatty meats and keeping their high blood pressure down so we don’t need to worry about the answer,” he stated.

Amen, brother.

This is the opinion of John Boyle. Contact him at 828-232-5847 or citizen-times. com

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