St. Tammany property transfers May 15-28, 2020 | Home/Garden –

12June 2020


Transfers for May 15-22


Colongeville subdivision, lots 23, 24: $43,000, Louisiana Life & Health Insurance Guaranty Association to Robert F. Morris III and Tiffany B. Morris.

Haynes Ave. 71345: $160,000, Al Hadi LLC to Robert G. Dericks.

Ironwoods subdivision, lot 1: $64,600, Weyerhaeuser NR Co. to David C. Chatelain and Cynthia M. Chatelain.

Ironwoods subdivision, lot 8: $59,000, Weyerhaeuser NR Co. to Corey Matherne and Margaret Matherne.

Louisiana 435 22391: $85,000, Goldstar Trust Co. to Katherine Hil.

Martin Lane 72280: $175,000, Zero Day Home LLC to Kailyn Marie Schloegel.

Mashie Street, lots 2, 3, 4: $11,200, Christopher M. Miller and succession of Frederick T. J. Miller Jr. to Frederick C. Vairin.

Near Abita Springs, portion of ground: $36,000, Edward F. Kelley to Sim J. Strain IV and Mandy A. Strain.


Allison Road 80376: donation, no value stated, Ryan Vincent to Kim Walther Vincent.

Buck Drive 2325: $244,000, Richard T. Bentley-Smith and Jennifer Bentley-Smith to Kevin Bobo and Teresita Gonzales Bobo.

Clover Meadow Drive 313: $290,000, Kathleen Lally Galeas and succession of David M. Galeas to Brian K. Adams.

Continental Drive 1624: $320,520, Level Construction & Development LLC to David A. Falcone and Melissa F. Falcone.

Crestview Hills Loop 75056: $248,900, D. R. Horton Inc.-Gulf Coast to Sherwood S. Kemp and Angela L. Kemp.

Crestview Hills Loop 75256: $189,900, D. R. Horton Inc.-Gulf Coast to Erica Lee Reine.

Crestview Hills Loop 75440: $211,770, D. R. Horton Inc.-Gulf Coast to Robert A. Blake.

Cypress Road 35: $545,000, Charles T. Genre and Marnie N. Genre to Daniel T. Williams and Celeste M. Williams.

Division of New Covington subdivision, lot 9, square 1710: $179,500, Allty Investments LLC to Lisa Ann Bosio.

Emerald Oaks Drive, Units 48, 109: $192,000, Succession of Louis E. Perez Sr., Louis E. Perez Jr., Susan P. Larsen and others to Jacob E. Ecker and Nolia G. Ecker.

G St. 70726: $189,000, Sean D. Chugden to Jeffrey P. Salsiccia.

Golfview Lane 112: donation, no value stated, Lacey Osborne to Nicholas A. Licata and Lindsay R. Licata.

Grassy Lane 15544: $213,399, DSLD Homes LLC to William G. Hourie and Kaaci Lynn Schmidt.

Greenbriar Drive 7: $642,500, Charles B. Foy Jr. and Anne B. Foy to Nader A. Shourbaji.

Hummingbird Road 104: $855,000, David A. Falcone and Melissa F. Falcone to Robert H. Mack and Stephanie R. Mack.

Hummingbird Road 29: $480,000, Robert R. Burton III to Barry M. Butera and Rhonda V. Butera.

Hummingbird Road 65: $715,000, Harrison Custom Homes LLC to Bryan C. Clawson and Stacie Lynn Noe Clawson.

Ivy Drive 116: $274,000, Mec Investments to Kevin J. Blackburn.

Kanawha Court 112: donation, no value stated, Mary Peek Kolb to Fred & Leslie Kolb 2018 Trust.

Lake Tahoe Drive 14294: $176,000, Sandra Sue Murphy Landers to Katie C. Tate.

Lake Tahoe Drive 14471: $196,000, Charles R. Cooper and Donna N. Cooper to Dominic Armantrout and Abigail Benson Armantrout.

Louisiana 437 75105: $105,000, Finance of America Structured Securities Acquisition Trust 2019-HB1 to Commercial Design + Construction LLC.

Magnolia Trace subdivision, lot 7: $49,900, FMG/LTL LLC to Donald J. LeBlanc and Ruby L. LeBlanc.

Milllkens Bend St. 722: $1,315,000, Robert M. Ninkovich and Paige P. Ninkovich to Rodney L. Fox and Ann P. Fox.

Mirabella Lane 711: $325,000, James F. Manint and Melissa L. Manint to Robinson Aizprua and Renee N. Aizprua.

Mistletoe Drive 54: $398,000, Succession of Benjamin Paul Puyper to 54 M LLC.

Morgan Road 75391: $10,000, Gerald M. Froeba Sr. and Yvonne D. Froeba to Davie Developers LLC.

N. Park Blvd. 202: $425,000, Flipping LP LLC to Ryan J. Schuler and Kristina Schuler.

Pear St. 239: $190,000, Succession of Frederick B. Schott to Robert P. Sexton and Kelly Ann Sexton.

Ponchitolawa Drive 280: $212,500, Ryan J. Schuler and Kristina B. Schuler to May Liang Lam.

Rickelin Drive 75717: $254,900, D. R. Horton Inc.-Gulf Coast to Suette Jackson.

River Oaks Drive 607: $469,000, Carlos M. Forero Rodriguez and Libia D. Forero to Shalane L. Sheppard.

S. Vermont St. 120: $538,000, Gregory P. Richoux and Cathy Duet Richoux to Richard T. Taubin and Patricia K. Taubin.

Savannah St. 1423: $297,000, Gregory S. Hooker and Katherine B. Hooker to Christopher B. Beauvais and Patricia C. Beauvais.

Tiger Ave. 475: donation, no value stated, Philip H. Baldwin Jr. to Melanie Lloyd Breaux.

W. 23rd Ave. 1320: $293,900, RCI Development LLC to Kelly V. Talamo and Mary J. Talamo.

Willie B. Road 18070: donation, no value stated, Jennifer Sharp Toledano, Jeremy F. Sharp and Julian H. Sharp to Alvin F. Sharp.


Bruhl Road 15033: donation, no value stated, Dexter S. Accardo and Cathy L. Accardo to Jared S. Accardo.

Near Folsom, portion of ground: donation, no value stated, James L. Rogers to Linda Nagy Rogers.

Wembley Road 14047: $245,000, Succession of John M. Bateman Jr. to James C. Robeau Jr. and Stacy Ann M. Robeau.


Canal Drive 28541: $125,000, Steven Rosencrans and Nancy Jane M. Rosencrans to William N. Nunez.

Dogwood Drive 61188: $300,000, Kristie Varisco Chabreck to Daniel J. Edward Minchey.

Fish Hatchery Road 63501: donation, no value stated, Micah Ian Thomas Tortorich to Kaitlin N. Tortorich.

Fish Hatchery Road 63501: donation, no value stated, Annalise Maria Tortorich to Kaitlin Nannette Tortorich.

Jade St. 61108: $180,000, Chase M. McDonald to Olivia M. McDonald.

Jade St. 61147: $176,040, Burgess Inc. to Patricia Lynn Smith.

Lacombe Park subdivision, lot 4, square 177: $35,000, Mark A. King, Roderick T. King and others to David J. Bertucci and Julie M. Bertucci.

Misty Creek Drive 128: $199,900, River Card Properties LLC to Brett McIntyre and Molly McIntyre.

Oaklawn East subdivision, lot 6, square 1: $65,000, GSGP LLC to Yordannis R. Lopez-Maqueira and Dulce Y. C. Amador Lopez-Maqueira.

Salt Lick Lane 67323: $36,500, Home Equity Loan Trust Series OOMC 2006-HE3 to Eric Roberts.


Blue Heron Lane 404: $404,405, Highland Homes Inc. to Ray A. Chatelain and Catherine C. Chatelain.

Citation Drive 308: $295,000, Gerald A. Guarino and Sindy Guarino to Donald E. Corl IV and Sarah A. Trinh Corl.

Deer Park Court 1281: $279,900, David L. Courrege and Jodi M. Courrege to Jacquelyn Marie Martinez Bordelon.

E. Louisiana 22 127, Unit N-1: $275,000, Robert J. Rogers and Lauren L. Rogers to Kingsmill-Tchefuncte Harbour LLC.

English Oak Drive 520: $348,000, Alindell Sasha Francis to Kevin E. Slesinski and Suzette R. Slesinski.

English Oak Drive 545: $329,000, Roy Gordon Vreeland and Leslie Ann Vreeland to Robert G. Lang and Amy N. Lang.

House Sparrow Drive 5001: $276,000, Michael L. Murphy and Brandi N. Murphy to Brandi Jo Fruge and Jennifer Louise Mylie Fruge.

Jackson Court 773: $257,785, DSLD Homes LLC to Todd A. Schwartz and Mary E. Schwartz.

Jackson Court 785: $247,225, DSLD Homes LLC to Corey M. Deluca and Amber Marie Dupuy.

Keeneland Drive 534: donation, no value stated, Jarrod Danford to Stacy B. Danford.

Laurel Oaks Road 120: $305,000, STL Property Investments LLC to Gennaro Sebastian Itri and Lauren Marie Itri.

Madison Ridge Estates Phase 2-A, lot 43: $40,000, L&G Madison Investments LLC to John Ellis Dillon.

Near Madisonville, portion of ground: $35,000, Barbara Nichol Bougeois to William M. Bridges Jr. and Beverly C. Bridges.

Perrilloux Trace Ave. 712: $337,800, Coast Builders LLC to Sean David Chugden.

Pontchartrain Oaks Drive 105: $105,000, Tchefuncte Investments LLC and Land Holding Co. LLC to Bryan S. Chamberlain and Kendall B. Chamberlain.

Post Oak Landing subdivision, lot 23: donation, no value stated, Jonathan D. Droddy to Kimberly Asay Droddy.

Raiford Oaks Blvd. 143: $251,000, STL Property Investments LLC to Daniel N. DeSouza and Grace E. Jackson.

Rue du Sud 27: $65,000, Daryl Wayne Augustine and Janice Miller Augustine to John A. Fowler.

St. Calais Place 133: $291,000, Marcus J. Gary and Melissa Ann Hamel Gary to Gregory P. Richoux and Cathy Duet Richoux.

Snowy Egret Court 257: $177,990, DSLD Homes LLC to Tina Marie Felder.

St. Calais Place 216: $300,000, Nest Custom Homes LLC to Michael D. Netto and Josephine C. Netto.

Willow Lane 4030: $317,500, Keith A. Perry and Kristin Renee Nelson Perry to Austin M. Roy and Francesca R. Roy.


Autumn Place 818: $387,000, Denise Gowland Clark to Roland A. LeBlanc Jr. and Glenn J. LeBlanc.

Beau Chene subdivision, lot 85: $440,000, Paul Tucker Trust and Janeen S. Rather to Leo A. Labourdette III and Lana Woods Labourdette.

Beau Rivage Drive 245: $335,000, Thomas D. Havrylkoff and Lauren S. Havrylkoff to Thomas R. Harris and Brittany A. Harris.

Bretton Way 38: donation, no value stated, Ross L. Trentadue and Rachel Powers Chierici to Ross L. Trentadue and Rachel C. Trentadue.

Claiborne St. 1929: $222,500, Sergio Nicola Stasi and Angela R. Stasi to Brian C. Ball and Kristine M. Ball.

E. Barbados Court 52: $190,000, Dawne Guillot Hunter to Heather Leanne Marek.

Emerson St. 67141: $291,500, Scott N. Masson and Tiffany A. Masson to Christopher M. Epperson and Lourdes C. Epperson.

Fairfield Drive 1348: $299,000, Michael E. Fairburn and Kerri H. Fairburn to Jane Carter Greene.

Fountains subdivision, portion of ground: donation, no value stated, Arbor Holdings LLC to Fountain Subdivision Owners Association Inc.

Jefferson St. 2633: $175,000, Richard Edgerly and Harriette J. Edgerly to Maple Street Realty Inc.

Libra Ave. 271-A: $169,000, Jennifer Inde Plaskus to Jean Manders Hunn.

Mandeville Annex subdivision, lot 36, square 14: $5,000, Darling Design Homes Inc. to Gabrielle Pelican Choppin.

Marina Blvd. 210: $354,000, Joseph E. Erwin and Elizabeth B. Erwin to Jorge Larranaga and Allison W. Larranaga.

Mathis St. 2325: $280,000, Gerald C. Keller III to Kirk D. McGovern and Lisa R. McGovern.

Norval St. 816: $234,900, Yar Construction Co. Inc. to Kenneth R. Nuckley and Carolyn B. Nuckley.

Ozone St. 2178: $170,000, Steven Louis McNeely to Hayley Ladnier Golson.

Red Oak Lane 2009: $272,900, Gennaro S. Itri and Lauren T. Itri to Ethan J. VanHazebroeck and Tiffany M. VanHazebroeck.

Ridgewood St. 351: $150,000, Dixie Candida Meiners Bracy to Brian Perilloux and Carla Smith.

River Court 1024: $300,000, Triton Holdings Two LLC to Julie Salazar Norton.

Shaunell Drive 201: $339,000, Thomas K. Murphy and Lynn Brayton to William T. Frady, Ruth L. Frady and Mary E. Barilleaux.

Sweet Bay Drive 641: $478,000, Kenneth G. Otillio and Michelle E. Otillio to Emily B. Chachere.

10th St. 2241: $240,000, Hong-Wen Deng and Qing Tian Deng to Donald L. Pruitt and Stephanie H. Pruitt.

University Drive 1975: $287,000, Succession of Mittie S. Neil, John M. Neill Sr. and others to Jose A. Polanco and Anabel Ruiz Polanco.

Woodridge Blvd. 217: $220,000, FBR Investments LLC to Matthew W. Booher and Emily R. Booher.


Berkshirve Drive 1024: $250,000, Chancellor Stephen Whitfield and Erica Rae Skinner Whitfield to Yashica Jordan.

Bookout Road 35405: $20,000, Samuel M. Ferguson to Stacy Leeb Heffner.

Edgar Kennedy Road 73277: donation, no value stated, Mark W. Miller to Noah R. Roheim.

Fifth St. 515: $115,000, Lydia Anne Miller to Brian R. Granstrom.

Ormond Drive 412: $10,000, donation, Elizabeth Salisbury Parham to Patricia E. Parham.


Near Sixth Ward, portion of ground: $7,500, Jerry Schwehm to Gerald V. Livaudais.


Abney Drive 737: $233,300, Shane M. Muller and Mallory L. Young to David J. Zagorski and Sarah Marie Cody Zagorski.

Bent Cypress Lane 612: $229,900, D. R. Horton Inc.-Gulf Coast to Rocio E. Cuevas.

Bent Cypress Lane 757: $248,400, D. R. Horton Inc.-Gulf Coast to Kayla Corey-Latrease Daniels.

Bent Cypress Lane 796: $224,900, D. R. Horton Inc.-Gulf Coast to Farren Donsha Broom Madise.

Bent Cypress Lane 808: $248,400, D. R. Horton Inc.-Gulf Coast to Anita T. McKay.

Blue Bird St. 2403: $169,000, Dillman Construction Co. LLC to Jason K. Allen Sr. and Cheriece L. Allen.

Browns Village subdivision, lots 6, 7: $7,000, Jean Pedeaux to Alicia Granier.

Camellia Bud Court 7843: $335,400, D. R. Horton Inc.-Gulf Coast to Scott W. Oalmann and Mandie N. Oalmann.

Canal Bank Drive 3745: $323,400, D. R. Horton Inc.-Gulf Coast to Nicole A. Hudson.

Canal Bank Drive 3870: $250,000, D. R. Horton Inc.-Gulf Coast to Paul W. Kessler and Emily Rae M. Kessler.

Carr Drive 111: $50,000, John Lulue Jr. and Carolyn B. Lulue to Gary G. Casemore.

Carr Drive 293: $200,000, Joseph F. Uddo Jr. and Amy Miller Uddo to Wallace P. Falgout.

Castine Cove 114: $246,305, DSLD Homes LLC to Paul M. Theady III and Aimee D. Theady.

Castle Manor subdivision, lot 37: $156,000, Angela Gonzalez Luque to Romulo Gonzalez and Linda A. Gonzalez.

Cat Island Court 617: $241,900, D. R. Horton Inc.-Gulf Coast to Luis Echeverria and Cecillia Echeverria.

Clara Drive 243: $41,500, Karen Marie Binney to Michael C. Marcello and Holly Marie Maggio Marcello.

Clayton Court 449: $415,000, Julian D. Burks and Sonja F. Burks to Cody Tomasich and Ashley F. Tomasich.

E. Augusta Lane 313: $400,000, Patrick L. Jones and Emmy O. Jones to Brandon E. Hagler.

E. Lakeshore Village Drive 667: $245,000, D. R. Horton Inc.-Gulf Coast to Jared M. Gourrier.

Eden Isle Blvd. 126: $245,000, Annette Guder to Brian E. Davidson.

Eton St. 3850: $135,000, Steven A. Smith, Randall C. Smith and others to Clifton L. Cox, Jo Ann Zundel Cox and Kathy Cox Nicolosi.

Florence Drive 517: $375,000, Cody Tomasich and Ashley F. Tomasich to Franklin Luque and Angela G. Luque.

Frenchmen’s Estates, lot 1: $22,692, Jose E. Cruz to St. Tammany Parish.

Honey Island Drive 4264: $220,000, D. R. Horton Inc.-Gulf Coast to Sean F. Scott and Lawanda M. Scott.

Honey Island Drive 4273: $269,400, D. R. Horton Inc.-Gulf Coast to Quentin J. Bradley and Lonel M. Simmons.

Honey Island Drive 4284: $221,900, D. R. Horton Inc.-Gulf Coast to Michelle Marie Robinson.

Keller Road 57570: $100 and other good and valuable consideration, John Zimmermann to 57570 Keller Road LLC.

Lakeshore Estates, lot 57-A: $52,000, Jerry D. Currie to Michael J. Gioe.

Lee Drive 532: $145,700, Edward Paul Mourain and Anniese M. Mourain to Robert J. Bremer and Ashley M. Bremer.

Mariners Cove subdivision, Phase 1-B, lot 68-A: no value stated, Edward Doyle and Mary Tate Doyle to Edward Doyle and Mary Tate Doyle.

Monaco Drive 1552: $120,200, First Guaranty Mortgage Corp. to New Beginning Homes LLC.

Moonraker Drive 326: $293,000, Clifton L. Cox and JoAnn Z. Cox to Ryan E. Denney.

Near Slidell, portion of ground: $206,000, Matthew J. Ladner and Daniel C. Ladner to Nelson T. Gonzalez and Alma Y. Marquez Ramirez.

Near Slidell, portion of ground: $1,000,000, Indian Village LLC to Trading Post 1 Inc.

New Basin Road 509: $244,400, D. R. Horton Inc.-Gulf Coast to Roberto E. Lugo Rivera and Ruth Noemi Mora Pacheco.

New Basin Road 521: $218,400, D. R. Horton Inc.-Gulf Coast to Kimberly M. Polk.

Nickel Loop 128: $169,900, Gregory A. Trumbach Jr. and Cherie C. Trumbach to Donna Messina Segura.

Northshore Blvd. 183: $1,850,000, 183 Northshore Boulevard LLC to Sadia Umair LLC.

Olympic Court 105: $150,000, Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Scott Casamento and Carmine B. Costantini III.

Ozone Heights subdivision, lot 30-A: $577,500, Touro Infirmary to Fairway Real Estate Holdings LLC.

Ozone Heights subdivision, lots 15, 16: $502,500, Touro Infirmary to Habibi Holdings LLC.

Ranger Place 104: $218,000, David J. Legendre and Cynthia B. Legendre to Eric Nettleton.

Regatta Cove 1576: $100,000, Roy J. Markey Jr. and Lonna Moecklin Markey to Justin D. Rutherford.

Robert St. 236: $294,000, Gary L. Frisard and Bailey W. Frisard to Rosemary Hemelt.

Rustling Pine Drive 401: $193,000, Stephen M. Young and Teresa C. Young to Cameron M. Boudreaux and Abigail M. Boudreaux.

Shipyard Drive 1384: $325,400, D. R. Horton Inc.-Gulf Coast to Patrick L. Jones and Emmy O. Jones.

Slidell Ave. 2845: donation, no value stated, Linda Reynolds Lenain to Eva Michelle Lenain Trader.

Spring Drive 59392: $182,000, Silessi Construction LLC to Claudia M. Lalumia.

Treasure Isle subdivision, lot 8: $325,000, Alfred A. Olinde Sr. and Verline Chapman Olinde to John P. Schutte and Mary Moe Schutte.

Tupelo St. 1216: $65,000, Mary Henderson Davillier to Jerline Henderson Williams.

Turtle Creek Blvd., lot A-1: $115,000, J. Schaff LLC to Jacob Leininger and Shasta Leininger.

Turtle Creek subdivision, Phase 4, lot 242: donation, no value stated, Troy J. Guidry and Deborah T. Guidry to Troy J. Guidry and/or Deborah T. Guidry revocable living trust.

Vine St. 222: $24,000, Mary K. McBay to Calamari Construction LLC.

W. Lake Drive 454: $243,500, Kenneth L. Burnsed III and Ana Laura Burnsed to Matthew G. Broome and Timothy B. Broome.

West Morgan subdivision, lots 12, 13, 39, 40, 41, square 40: $8,000, Beatrice Louise Baggett Monju Trust to Masheat Roush.


Churchill Downs 230: $264,900, Judy Speer Gill to Glynn A. Revere and Sarah B. Revere.

Crawford Road 81473: $114,000, Matthew J. Wilkerson to Spencer M. Graham-Winkles.

Daix Road 21411: $105,000, Roy Dale Jenkins and Kimberly S. Jenkins to William J. Norman II and Ana Norman.

Daix Road 21411: $45,272, Kevin L. Watkins and Melissa Ann Watkins to Roy D. Jenkins and Kimberly S. Jenkins.

War Admiral Court 101: $260,000, Jack K. Ussery Jr. and Nettie R. Ussery to John F. Lomonaco Jr. and Teresa T. Lomonaco.

Transfers for May 22-28


Apache Drive 629: $245,000, Paul T. Torregrosa and Bridget Whelton Torregrosa to Donovan J. Allen and Janie Allen Lewis.

Atlas subdivision, lot 8-A: donation, no value stated, John M. Interanto and Judith Dorsey Interanto to James A. Thompson and Trinity Tripkovich.

Birdle Street, portion of ground: $6,000, Scott N. Cuevas and Amber N. Cuevas to Donna S. Golman.

Linda Lou Lane 1033: $155,000, Pebble LLC to Linda Woods Atkins.

Near Abita Springs, portion of ground: $174,000, William Mayfield to Larry E. Arnold and Alison K. Arnold.

Near Abita Springs, portion of ground: $43,000, Mission Properties & Design to Wayne Brannan LLC.

Near Abita Springs, portion of ground: $165,000, Michael C. Langston and Constance C. Langston to Kevin A. Caillouet and Irene Sarantakos Caillouet.

Ohio Road 21048: $170,000, David C. Harms and Alisha L. Harms to Gary J. Alleman and Sharon D. Alleman.

S. Dundee Loop 3065: $133,000, Maxine Taylor Danner to Eric Castillo.

Terrace Trace subdivision, lot 1: $50,000, Miguel Barreto and Lesa E. Barreto to Simone J. Lewis.


Alder Creek Court 609: donation, no value stated, Felix L. Torres-Cabrera to Kenneth J. Pitcher and Rae L. Hebert Pitcher.

Arlington Ave. 234: $409,000, Highland Homes Inc. to Stefanie Serpas.

Boyd Road 12044: $705,000, Michael T. Flynn and Donna D. Flynn to Noah S. McGill and Sarah G. McGill.

Bradbury Place 2364: $278,192, Level Construction & Development LLC to Donna J. Flynn.

Brewster Road 15152: $145,000, Wayne C. Morlier Sr. and Jeanie A. Morlier to Wayne Morlier Jr.

Crestview Hills Loop 75296: $218,175, D. R. Horton Inc.-Gulf Coast to Brandy Marie Alexander.

E. 19th Ave. 322: $175,000, Scott E. Rojas and Karen Lynn Melancon Rojas to Charles Matthew R. Lee and Natalia M. Lee.

Ellen Drive 6: $277,000, Scott A. St. Romain and Cynthia B. St. Romain to Barbara A. Drez.

Emerald Valley Drive 154: $287,100, Georgiana Cruz Bustamante Morales and Maritza Moreno Bustamante to George C. Eberdt and Morgan W. Eberdt.

Epsilon Ave. 20238: donation, no value stated, Richard B. Ashman and Cynthia S. Ashman to Lori N. Smith.

First St. 70289: $146,000, Gregory B. Goodwin and Jordan M. Rider to Taylor A. Singletary.

Gamma Ave. 74417: $160,000, R. S. Builders & Remodeling LLC to Eric L. Mondello and Gayane Mondello.

Grand Turk Court 949: $405,000, Harold R. Tinker and Michele L. Tinker to Clyde W. Trevathan and Carolyn B. Trevathan.

Highland Crest Drive 305: $339,500, Robert C. Barrett Jr. and Ashtyn G. Barrett to Jeff P. Saucedo and Alexis D. Saucedo.

Highland Heights Drive 16743: $197,900, D. R. Horton Inc.-Gulf Coast to Alejandro E. Zuniga.

Lake Ramsey subdivision, Phase 1, lot 64: $110,000, Tracey S. Rossie, Julie R. Vicknair and others to Gerardo Gallardo Jr. and Krystal Rose L. Gallardo.

Lam Road N. E. 20146: $180,000, Grady J. Schaffer III and Abbie Elaine G. Schaffer to Jordan M. Rider and Jade M. Rider.

Louisiana Highway 21 77580: donation, no value stated, Tony P. Wilson and Kelly L. Wilson to Tony P. Wilson and Kelly L. Wilson.

Lourdes Lane 211: $225,000, Succession of Claire Parkhurst Favrot Killeen to David B. Miller.

Magnolia Mound Ave. 176: $442,000, Highland Homes Inc. to Thomas M. Pickral Sr. and Mary K. Pickral.

Monga Drive 18033: $65,000, Melanie R. Hughes to Nathaniel J. Demelo.

Robindale Drive 72710: $285,740, Jenkins Homes Inc. to Gerald Theriot Jr. and Michelle Rene Theriot.

S. Madison St. 721: $135,000, Shannon Trista Stroup to Randall S. Walton and Claire Stroup Walton.

S. New Hampshire St. 830: $1,250,000, David J. Skansi to Rene P. Frederick and Jennifer H. Frederick.

Shady Lake Drive 71091: $160,000, Lester B. Krobert and Tonya V. Krobert to Paul J. Krobert.

Shady View Lane 404: $430,000, David Theriot and Jerilynne Bordelon Theriot to Cliff R. DeLouche and Whitney Leigh Magee DeLouche.

Slemmer Road 19435: $180,000, Sainte Croix Developments LLC to Amber Oliver.

Sylvia Drive 75665: $210,000, Kacey Williams to Jordan M. Talley.

Tammy Lane 73463: $206,000, Walter H. Williams Jr., Gerald A. Williams and Daniel J. Williams to Mark Yeager and Gina Zimmerman.

Watercross Estates, Phase 1-B, lot 121: $65,000, Watercross Development LLC to Lahasky Development Group LLC.

Wymer Road 19248: $115,000, 2-4 Investments LLC to Pascal J. Barone IV.

Zinnia Drive 103: $253,000, Lawrence R. Bauman and Simone B. Bauman to Blaise C. Dantoni III.


Bruhl Road 15162: $345,000, Kathy Keller Low to Marianne L. McKee and Ingrid M. Creasy.

Louisiana 25 84252: $20,000, Igloo Series III Trust to Alvin C. McGary and Margie Ann Hart McGary.

Near Folsom, portion of ground: $12,000, donation, Heather Williams Eck to Nanette Faciane Williams.

Village Farms Lane 405: $298,500, John P. Sullivan Jr. and Melonie W. Sullivan to Nicholas D. Rizzuto and Elise R. Rizzuto.


Abney Farms subdivision, lot 3: $25,000, 700 Camp Street LLC to Ernest J. Manint and Rosemary H. Manint.

Cloverland Acres subdivision, lot 1, square 6: $17,000, Dieter G. Pichowiak and Katherine M. Franks to William O. Wilson.

Forest Glen subdivision, lot 502: $16,000, Dragonfly Enterprises Inc. to Pedro Gonzalez.

Hominy Drive 61188: $295,000, Jeffery S. Williams Jr. and Kelly H. Williams to Jared M. Jefferson and Rachael J. Jefferson.

Maia Drive 28248: $325,000, Warren P. Dubroc and succession of Tina Marie Dubroc to David A. Pate and Melissa Landsgesell Pate.

Misty Creek Drive 132: $278,000, Alan C. Shumaker III and Deanna D. Lorenzo Shumaker to Robert Scallan Jr.

Near Lacombe, portion of ground: $400,000, Quality Properties LLC to Big Branch Apiary LLC.

Rouville subdivision, lot 15: donation, no value stated, Reginald L. Dumas and Doris Marie Alexis Dumas to Melinda D. Glover.

Shannon Drive 31147: $285,000, Gary L. Backstrom to William M. Cerise and Jessica S. Cerise.


Bedico Creek subdivision, portion of ground: donation, no value stated, Bedico Interests LLC to Bedico Creek Preserve Owners Association Inc.

Blue Heron Lane 412: $383,000, Haaswood Development LLC to David Courrege and Jodi M. Courrege.

deForest Drive 21: $162,500, Anthony Kern Bourgeois to Diane Justiniano-Manning Trust.

Deloaks Drive 16: $454,000, Joseph A. Hebert and Cynthia A. Dietz Hebert to Matthew B. Gardner and Megan R. Gardner.

English Oak Drive 781: $329,690, Grand Homes LLC to Zachary Smith.

Grand Oaks subdivision, Phase 2-C, lot 163: $65,000, Grand Homes LLC to Michael T. Scanlon Jr. and Sarah C. Pavur.

Helen Drive 40: $174,500, Jimmy Simoneaux, Rose Iris S. Vacante and others to Taylor Collins and Joseph Trosclair.

Near Madisonville, portion of ground: $100 and other valuable consideration, Quick Way Food Store LLC to Smith-Hoover Holdings LLC.

Oak Bend Lane 4101: $75,000, Yanin LLC to Yar Construction Co. Inc..

Oak Hollow Drive 304: $45,000, Darliss Curtis Camper and Tanya Zenon Camper to J. P. Huff Construction LLC.

Silver Oak Drive 493: $318,000, Grand Homes LLC to Raymundo X. Munoz and Mignon Sicard Munoz.

St. Calais Place 121: $252,500, Conbeth Development LLC to Gilbert K. Christy and Mary K. Christy.

Town of Madisonville, lot 5, square 10: $310,000, Janet Gitz Casey to David M. Lachin Jr. and Meredith H. Lachin.


Antioch Drive 67599: $358,000, Hearthstone Homes LLC to Mitchell K. Sexton and Gail Marie S. Sexton.

Browning Loop 437: $409,000, Lori Mills Pausina to Alex J. Clostio Jr. and Rachel W. Clostio.

Castain Drive 601: $155,000, Mitch Sexton and Jessica K. Sexton Jones to Bradley W. Jarvis and Jessica K. Sexton Jones.

Chinchuba Creek Terrace 101: $230,000, Benny Ray Sherrod and Laurie Huffman Sherrod to Archie J. Gerhold.

Cindy Lou Place 134: donation, no value stated, Shirley C. LeBlanc to Linda Crusta Cousin.

Cours Carson St. 2336: $255,000, Todd M. Mcconnell II and Julie D. Mcconnell to Janie Boudreaux.

Culver Court 1728: $280,000, Richard H. Folk and Ann M. Folk to Keith L. Baker and Bernadine F. Hast Baker.

Fay St. 817: $185,000, Matthew B. Gardner and Megan R. Gardner to Allison M. Ballinger.

Heavens Drive 612: $270,000, Susan Deluca Foil to Brandon J. Goubler.

Hester St. 16: $64,000, Bernard T. Goldate Jr. and Shirley M. Goldate to Rita F. Bridges.

Kings Row subdivision, lot 11-A, square 5: $220,000, Michael G. Ali and Alexis M. Ali to Seth C. Brady and Lacey M. Brady.

Lafitte St. 315: $185,000, David H. Pons to 315 Lafitte LLC.

Logan Lane 1882: $380,000, Derrick M. Rueffer and Twila Glaser Rueffer to Amy C. Walker.

Louisiana 59 3182: $312,000, Nicolas Joel Young and Crystal Leigh Lewis to Ethan R. Lambdin and Haley H. Lambdin.

Near Mandeville, portion of ground: $375,000, Mandeville Holding Co. LLC to David’s Automotive & Alignment LLC.

Reiher Road 209: $365,000, Denis A. Dillenkoffer and Gina B. Dillenkoffer to Joseph Bland and Shannon J. Bland.

Steven St. 2184: $213,000, Kevin D. Patrick and Jacqueline C. Gutierrez to Joshua L. Masterson and Amber Babin Masterson.

Tchefuncta Club Estates, Phase 2, lot 559-A: $175,000, Lorenz W. Hamburger and Erica Manger Hamburger to Pinecrest Homes LLC.

10th St. 2216, Unit A: $183,000, Kayla Marie Arnold to Darleen C. Cook.

Town of Mandeville, lot 82, square 84: $10 and other good and valuable consideration, Knight Builders Inc. to Jonathan C. Garrett and Tracy W. Garrett.

The Savannahs subdivision, Phase 2-A, lot 13: $235,000, Joseph B. Bivona and Erin Stair Bivona to Emily Victoria Dee Genzlinger.

Timbercreek Lane 2047: $325,000, Jean Manders Hunn to Christian M. Crayton and Karen Christie Crayton.

Tunica Place 101: $485,000, Heather K. Andrews to Earl T. Layrisson Jr. and Kelly M. Layrisson.


Berkshire Drive 1013: $226,000, Nathan R. Welch and Stacey H. Welch to Jacob Hernandez and Hollie P. Hernandez.

Berkshire Drive 1016: $226,520, William J. McGee, Mary McGee Tilloy and Anna McGee Wibright to Mark Michot and Angela Lynn Engle Michot.

E. Moran Road 35120: $305,000, Neil J. Lalonde and Christina L. Lalonde to Donna Parker Rawson.

Fifth St. 507: $117,000, Matthew G. Uzee and Michelle E. Sullivan Uzee to Michael J. Collongues.

Grandiflora Lane 38310: $262,400, Coast Builders LLC to Lois D. Norton.

McQueen Road 39196: $55,000, Robert L. Deese and Judith K. Deese to Cody Helmke.

Oak Alley 541: $238,700, John W. Walters Jr. and Marta Rosa Komanach Walters to John T. Edwards and Tracie Lea Edwards.


Alisa Drive 5741: $189,000, Darlene Cook to Francisco J. Morales and Maria Morales.

Alisa Drive 6617: $175,000, Charlene Keenum Dunne to Carnique Lation.

Arrowwood Drive 408: $165,000, Brandon A. McCreary to Jeremy Tyler Loew and Amy Lynn Simon.

Asheville Drive 859-61-63-65: $385,000, Skyline Management Inc. to DP Tiger Properties LLC.

Banks View St. 1529: $295,400, D. R. Horton Inc.-Gulf Coast to Joe H. Howard Jr. and Arleatha Day Howard.

Bayou Paquet Estates, lots 2, 3-A, 3-B, square 1: $155,000, Glenn Steven Maddox to Matias Gonzalez Martinez and Glynis Mae Caruthers.

Bellingrath Lane 509: $262,000, Sherri Reyes Johnson to Joyce Harrell Foucher.

Bent Cypress Lane 737: $245,000, D. R. Horton Inc.-Gulf Coast to William A. Lack Jr. and Logan Lack.

Brian Drive 217: $149,000, Nancy Jeanne Brown Harrigan to Chad Duffaut Jr.

Cambridge St. 3866: $148,000, Bert Whipple and Teresa Stafford Whipple to Hung Hoang Phi Nguyen.

Camellia Bud Court 7864: $303,400, D. R. Horton Inc.-Gulf Coast to Terrence O. Joseph Jr. and Christina N. Norwood.

Camellia Drive 2951: $105,000, Michael A. Pearson to Larry E. Aleman Sr.

Canal Bank Drive 3853: $316,000, D. R. Horton Inc.-Gulf Coast to Thaddeus J. Petit Jr. and Crystal Ann Petit.

Canal Bank Drive 3889: $254,900, D. R. Horton Inc.-Gulf Coast to Ronald K. Gross.

Canal Bank Drive 3909: $289,900, D. R. Horton Inc.-Gulf Coast to Alfred Schneider Jr. and Gypsy Schneider.

Chamale Drive 147: $435,000, Duane Allen Dendinger and Brenda Wooten Dendinger to Eugenio Torres and Carol P. Torres.

Dale Drive 691, Taylors Trail 40145, Unit 504: donation, no value stated, Herman H. Koch and Aida O. Koch revocable trust to Koch Family Properties LLC.

Dublin Court 110: $290,000, David M. Dehart and Kimberly D. Dehart to Shane Witko and Andrea Witko.

E. Chamale Cove 68: $169,900, Jeffrey B. Thoede and Laura Bulger to Katherine Amedee Wood.

E. Lakeshore Village Drive 623: $235,000, D. R. Horton Inc.-Gulf Coast to Rickie Gilbert and Undra B. Gilbert.

E. Louisiana 190 42319: $161,500, Gerald C. Glaudi, Ashley Ann Glaudi and others to James D. Bonck.

Eden Isles Blvd. 114: $290,000, Ernest C. Tauzin III and Jessica Williams Jordan Tauzin to Alan Smith and Jamie B. Smith.

Fourth St. 1708: $72,500, Thomas E. Ogg to Kevin R. Jordan.

Foxcoft Drive 324: $159,500, Edwin J. Cayette Sr. and Latoya Ard Cayette to John P. Cooks and Amie R. Laws.

Grafton Drive 133: $260,000, Jeffrey C. Puckett and Pamela I. Puckett to Jalauddin Ali and Jamie K. Ali.

Heather Lane 2012: $107,000, Laprop Inc. to Jennifer L. Holder.

Kings Row Drive 1708: $130,000, High Ground Solutions LLC to Jacqueline L. Popham.

Lakeshore Estates, Phase 1-A-1, lots 14, 15: $520,000, Callen T. Hotard and Coleen M. Hotard to Danny G. Norris II and Lisa S. Norris.

Lakeshore Village subdivision, Phase 3-A-3, lot 471: donation, no value stated, Davelle Carter to Trakeya Lanay Johnson.

Lighthouse Point 179: $370,000, Jesse M. Genter III to Joseph Corona III.

N. Buckinghim Drive 202: $179,000, Evelyn Rancatore Culotta to J&E Properties LLC.

Ned Ave. 143: donation, no value stated, Jill Evans Firmin to Craig R. Firmin.

Olive Dive 340: $105,000, Succession of Lynne Nores Gulino to Samantha L. Jinnah.

Parkbrook Drive 4040: $128,000, Cory J. Dowling and Amanda R. Dowling Menner to Roxanne Springer.

Portsmouth Drive 503: $158,600, Edward J. Washington Jr. and Fatessa L. Washington to Jody Ali Smith.

Rhodes St. 310: $83,000, Mr. Cooper to Ronell Martin.

Rose Meadow Loop 1133: $112,000, Louis A. Sandoz III to Lee Ann St. Pe.

S. Walnut St. 1174-76: $145,000, Bernice Andre to Emile H. Wagner.

Salmen subdivision, portion of ground: $89,500, Prestige Realty of Louisiana LLC to RMT Holdings LLC.

Settlement Court 329: $263,315, DSLD Homes LLC to Kaitlyn Rae Pizzo.

Spartan Drive 501, Unit 1204: $95,000, Chari Perl Cooke to Anthony Johnson and Tammy Watson Johnson.

Spartan Drive 509, Unit 5201: $92,500, Bold Move Properties Two LLC to Sidhath Jain.

Spartan Drive 517, Unit 8201: $114,900, Spartan Mansions LLC to Diego Antonio G. Alvarez.

St. Scholastica Drive 1041: $143,500, Riley R. Baylor and Martha N. Baylor revocable living trust to Stacie Q. Montegue.

W. Pinewood Drive 168: $225,000, Craig R. Boehlke and Jennifer G. Boehlke to Matthew G. Uzee and Michelle S. Uzee.

Wellington Lane 2210: $188,000, Babylon Realty LLC to Lloyd A. Frosch.

West Morgan subdivision, lot 41, square 40: donation, no value stated, Masheat Roush to Jennifer Norvell.

West Morgan subdivision, lots 9, 10, 11, square 40: donation, no value stated, Jennifer Norvell to Masheat Roush.


Near Bush, portion of ground: $108,000, Don A. Desselles and Gloria M. Desselles to Michael P. Tassin and Leigh Ann Lagasse Tassin.

Louisiana 21 78010: donation, no value stated, Sondra L. Dunn to Sean M. Kenny and Laura Dunn Kenny.

Near Sun, portion of ground: donation, no value stated, August J. Catanzaro III and Tonja Doty Catanzaro to Nathaniel J. Migues and Tayler P. Migues.


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